Are you made in Canada?
Yes. From concept to completion, each custom garment produced by WS & Company Ltd. is 100% Canadian-made by Canadian owners and operators.

Where is WS & Co. located?
Our garment-manufacturing factory is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Where does WS & Co. ship from?
We ship FOB from our apparel manufacturing headquarters in Toronto. We are equipped to ship both domestically and internationally.

What are the Shipping and Handling rates for WS & Co.?
Shipping and handling rates are determined on a case-by-case basis and depend on order size, destination and delivery time.

Do I have to use WS & Co.’s shipping courier?
No, you are not limited to our shipping courier. As an added service, we are happy to help you find the best rates and services through our preferred carriers. Should you require assistance with your apparel shipping needs, please let us know prior to beginning production.

Do you provide product development services?
Yes, our Sample Shop services are reserved for clients who have secured a bulk production order with us. If you are looking for sample-making services only, please contact Toronto Fashion Incubator to find a sample shop that suits your needs.

What if I want custom colours or specialty washes?
In addition to being able to custom-dye, we also stock Prepared For Garment Dye (PFGD) fabrics and garments. This means that any style listed with the PFGD icon is available for custom dyeing.

A minimum order for custom colour orders must be adjusted to the dye-load size. Exact PFGD minimums depend on the specific style. Please contact our office for more information.

Next comes the great differentiator: Oftentimes, the only thing stopping a good garment from being great is the wash. In addition to custom dye options, we also offer an array of speciality washes, including our proprietary Vintage Wash. Developed to emulate a similar hand-feel to the denim Stone Wash, the difference is that our Vintage Wash can be applied to knitted fabrics without breaking down and damaging fibres.

What is the minimum order for custom manufacturing?
Custom Canadian apparel manufacturing starts at 200 units per style using in-stock fabric and colours. If you are looking to use a more specialized fabric that we do not carry, minimums may increase.

For lower minimums, please contact Toronto Fashion Incubator, who can help you find a small-run manufacturer.

Do you provide custom PMS match for fabrics you carry?
Yes, we can custom PMS match for most of the fabrics we carry at our Toronto-based manufacturing factory. It takes approximately two weeks to prepare a lab-dip for colour reference.

Do you decorate product?
Yes. Our highly specialized retail decoration services are typically reserved for programs we manufacture. We specialize in screen-printing, embroidery and appliqué decorations. Check out our range of decorating techniques here.

How is product packed prior to shipping?
If there is no special request, we bulk pack the order. Any special requests must be made at the time of order.

How do I get a quote?
Our Production Team requires EITHER of the following:

  1. Technical Package – This provides clear instructions as to how the style is to be produced (including fabric composition, weight, detailed line drawing of the product, construction details, full-size grading specifications for fabric consumption consideration, etc.).OR
  2. Prototype – We do not have a price list for custom garment manufacturing services. Every product is individually quoted based on its unique requirements.

Can WS & Co. help me develop a Technical Package for my product?
We do not assist in the development of Technical Packages. Please contact Toronto Fashion Incubator for more information on how to create one.

Can I supply my own fabric, trims and accessories?
WS & Co. is a full-service garment manufacturer. If you are interested in supplying certain materials on your own, we suggest that you contact a CMT contractor.

Are there types of materials/fabrics that WS & Co. specializes in working with?
WS & Co. is a custom garment manufacturer that specializes in working with high-quality knitted fabrics.

How can I access the fabrics from Novelty-Knit Program?
Our innovative Novelty Knit Fabric Program offers in-stock trending fabrications that can be custom dyed, ultimately minimizing the designer’s risk of having to order in large quantities. As fabrication types, inventory and colours fluctuate constantly, we encourage you to contact our office with a Technical Package to discuss your options.

What is the turnaround time for custom manufacturing?
Assuming all raw materials are present at the start of production, our typical turnaround time for custom manufacturing services is 6-8 weeks. Special fabric, trims and accessories that we do not stock will increase the production time. An estimated delivery timeline will be provided when an order is accepted.

Do you require a deposit for custom manufacturing?
Yes, we require a deposit prior to any custom garment manufacturing order.

Are in-stock items available for purchase?
Yes, we have an in-stock apparel program under our in-house brand Redwood Classics. Garments are available for purchase in the defined styles, fabrics, colours and sizes.

Redwood Classics’ garments are available exclusively through retail and promotional product distributors. Please contact our office for a list of distributors in your area. If you are an end-user, let us know your geographical location so we can direct you to your closest Redwood distributor.

What is your Private Label Program?
WS & Co.’s Private Label Program, Redwood Classics, features an in-stock apparel line of classic, staple pieces ready for made-to-order branding. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to start your own private label knitwear brand. We stock a wide variety of finished styles for men, women, and children.

Our Private Label Program is the perfect solution for customers seeking garments that are just waiting to be customized, dyed, screen-printed, embroidered or embellished. Simply select your style of choice along with the desired colours. Then, provide us with the labels to be sewn in. Alternatively, we will gladly work with you to develop a custom branded label for your line.

Do you offer offshore manufacturing services?
We are a Canadian garment manufacturer that operates strictly on North American soil. To complement our Canadian manufacturing capabilities, we have strong and reliable supply chains both domestically and globally.

Do you have a French website?
At this time, we do not have a French website. We’re working on it.

If you need assistance in French, please contact our office directly.
Si vous avez besoin d’aide en français, s’il vous plaît communiquer avec notre bureau directement.

Do you have a catalogue?
No, WS & Co. specializes in custom apparel manufacturing. In other words, no two product runs are alike. Please have a look at our in-stock catalogue by Redwood Classics (PDF) and our Heritage Collection (PDF).