Custom Apparel Manufacturing

We are a Canadian boutique-style garment manufacturer, whose reputation for high-quality, bespoke activewear and quick-turnaround time is as big as the country in which we so proudly operate. As one of North America’s leading production houses, we specialize in private-label programs and count many notable retail and designer brands as regulars on our client roster. Nearly half of our production is exported to the USA and other global markets, including Japan. The world just can’t get enough of Canada.

Our dedicated team of accomplished seamstresses, tailors and specialized tradespeople takes pride in the art of tailor-made garment manufacturing; we take pride in our work, which translates into superior quality and consistency for the end user. It also means shorter turn-around times for our clients. Since we operate on Canadian soil, in Toronto, we offer lower minimums and shorter lead times than any offshore operation.

As a purveyor of fine, custom apparel, what sets us apart from the competition is our painstaking attention to detail. From highly specialized machines, to our dedication to the well-constructed garment, it’s our personal touch that makes the difference.

From concept to completion, our garment manufacturing team is with you every step of the way. Our in-house capabilities include: merchandising, textile development, pattern development, cutting/sewing, decorating, laundry/special washes, quality assurance/final finishing, and packaging.

We’re all about transparency and accessibility at every stage of production. That’s what makes us your one-stop-shop apparel partner. That’s the WS & Co. difference.