Back to our Roots

Back to our Roots

TORONTO, ON, JUNE 16, 2015 – This week, we were thrilled to be featured on Roots TV as one of the apparel stalwart’s longest-standing partners.

Celebrating a milestone 25-year partnership with Roots, WS & Co., the Toronto-based factory behind Redwood Classics, has proudly handcrafted for the international retailer for more than two decades.

“We understand the Roots brand, the quality that’s required,” says Kathy Cheng, President of WS & Co./Redwood Classics.

“There’s not a lot of facilities in Toronto that can sew garments, wash garments and offer a complete package,” adds Syd Beder, Senior Director, Apparel Design at Roots. “From fabric innovation to getting the level of workmanship we expect in a Roots garment, WS & Co. nails it.”

Find out what Canada-inspired collections are in the works by viewing the segment here.

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