Made-in-Canada Manufacturing Makes Waves at World Mastercard Fashion Week

Made-in-Canada Manufacturing Makes Waves at World Mastercard Fashion Week

WS & Co.’s President Spotlights Canadian Apparel on Global Toronto

TORONTO, MARCH 20, 2014 – World Mastercard Fashion Week, in conjunction with the Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI), welcomed both new and established designers alike to discover the benefits of using homegrown apparel manufacturers at the TFI Press and Buyers Brunch on March 19. Kathy Cheng, President of WS & Co., was featured on Global News Toronto during this influential event to promote the quality manufacturing that only a made-in-Canada factory can provide to budding designers.

It’s not just Canadian designers that appreciate the impeccable attention to detail that WS & Co. provides. “Whenever we export to Japan, our Japanese clients want us to put a huge “Made In Canada” hangtag [on the garments]…That’s because there is a level of recognition in the quality,” says Cheng. With close to half of the sales WS & Co. makes coming from American designers who choose to manufacture in Toronto, the influence of made-in-Canada apparel is bigger and better than ever before.

“Having Global News feature us shows just how important made-in-Canada apparel is,” adds Cheng. “We are proud to be one of the foremost apparel manufacturers in Canada, and having this opportunity at the TFI Press and Buyers Brunch to connect with local designers is a win-win situation for both the designers themselves and consumers around the world who are looking for quality, responsibly-made clothing.”

The Toronto Fashion Incubator helps to provide guidance for up-and-coming designers, with many of them making the decision to manufacture locally. The immensely popular Press and Buyers Brunch affords designers the opportunity to meet and greet with business contacts in the midst of World Mastercard Fashion Week, helping them to shape their careers and the direction of their labels.