Redwood Classics Gives the Marketplace What it Wants

Redwood Classics Gives the Marketplace What it Wants

Making waves once again in the news, Kathy Cheng, her apparel manufacturing company WS & Co., and its promotional apparel division, Redwood Classics, are featured in A Financial Post.

Front-row centre of the Entrepreneur section, the story outlines a growing hunger for locally made apparel. Writer April Fong explains, “Consumers are becoming more conscious of where their products come from after the Bangladesh factory collapse in 2013, Cheng said. U.S. and Canadian brands are also showing increasing interest in having a North American component to their sourcing strategy.

“It’s not just social, but also proximity,” said Kathy. “There’s a niche in the marketplace for brands looking for locally made due to a number of reasons. One of them being quality but also the flexibility, the quick turnaround, the proximity, the cultural understanding.”

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