REPOST: Follow-up on CBC’s The BIG Decision featuring Redwood Classics Apparel

Clarifying some key inaccuracies

For those of you who weren’t able to tune in, CBC recently aired the Redwood Classics episode of The BIG Decision. Although we are thankful for the national brand exposure, after weeks of shooting, the broadcast this week has revealed that the final cut contained factual inaccuracies pertaining to our company’s finances.

The parent company that owns & operates Redwood Classics is not financially unstable. As a privately held company, we do not publicize financial information and we did not request a cash investment. Rather, we agreed to do this episode in hopes of receiving in-kind marketing services.

While our key focus is on creating a high-quality end product for our clients, marketing is hugely important to us. We’ve allocated a large amount of funding to initiatives like social media, editorial outreach, press releases and the launch of our 2013 catalogue.

We believe that we are part of a thriving promotional industry that’s only getting bigger and stronger with every year that passes. Redwood Classics’ parent company has been a main supplier for notable international and domestic fashion and retail brands for more than 25 years. The launch of Redwood Classics has contributed to sales growth and the increase of our workforce since its entry into the promotional marketplace two years ago. We currently have plans for expansion to accommodate this growth.

Since the airing of the show, we have been inundated with calls and emails about our product, so we are confident that the message taken away was our first-class quality and Canadian roots.

In the coming months and years, you are only going to see more and more of us both online and in print – this is my personal guarantee. We anticipate 25 more years as Canada’s go-to full-service supplier of superior-quality, handcrafted garments. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Kathy Cheng
Director of Sales & Marketing